Memet Aksakal

Investigative Freelance Journalist, Fixer and Translator.

I have been working for Fox news, BBC, Al Jazeera, Swedish SVT and TV 4, Norway TV 2, Japanese TBS and Fuji TV, Aljazeera Balkan, Voice of America, Australian ABC, Global News Canada and many other TVs from allover the world. I also worked on many news stories in Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan in Erbil, Duhok, Musul, Zakho and Sulemani.

I worked on many documentary films in all over Turkey that broadcast on many TV channels such as BBC, ITN, Channel 4, PBS, HBO, History Channel, ARTE, ARD, Discovery channel, National Geographic and many other channels from different countries.

I have done research about different subjects in Turkey and in neighboring countries .

I worked at Syrian border from 2011 to 2016 continuously and still working there once a while depend to demand.

List of the work I have done from 2011 on at Syrian border and in other areas related to Syrian conflict.

Sankei Shimbun Japanese Newspaper October 2018 News stories in Hatay at Syrian border and Istanbul


Sankei Shimbu Japanese Newspaper April 2018 Reports from Hatay, Gaziantep, Sanliurfa at Syrian border and from Istanbul about Syrian conflict and Syrian refugees and economical and political situation in Turkey.


FOX News TV April 2017

Reports from Hatay at Syrian border about Syrian regime using chemical weapons in Syria


VOA May 2016

Turkey Border Closure Divides Syrian Refugee Families

I filmed the story in Gaziantep Mr. Henry Ridgwell from VOA edited it in London.


Cogeco Media Canada April 2016

Radio reports from Syrian border about latest situation at the border and inside Syria


Work I did for Al Jazeera Balkans in 2016

Turkey-Syrian border: Kilis, February 2016

Story 1: Syrian refugees in town of Kilis at Syrian border

Story 2: A Syrian refugee couple in Gaziantep


Work I did in 2015

Al Jazeera Balkans

December 2015-January 2016

-Syrian refugees in Istanbul

-----Fixer in Hatay

Syrian refugees story for Keofilms

Broadcaster: BBC November 2015

----Fixer in Hatay

Stories about Syrian refugees in Turkey for VOA in September 2015 in Istanbul and Edirne

-----Fixer in Hatay

Subject: Illegal immigration from Turkey to EU. Broadcaster Swedish TV 4 Location: Izmir, Ayvalik, Dikili, Ayvacik, Behramkale Date: September 2015

-----Fixer in hatay

Subject: Illegal immigration from Turkey to EU. Broadcaster TV 2 Norway Location: Izmir, Ayvalik, Dikili Date: September 2015

-----Fixer in Hatay

Subject: Border Situation Broadcaster:Japanese TBS Location:Hatay Antakya, Aug 2015

-----Fixer in Hatay

Subject: Illegal immigration to Eu from Turkey. Broadcaster Al Jazeera Balkan Location: Izmir Date: August 2015

-----Fixer in Hatay

Working for Swedish TV (SVT) working on Syria issue in Sanliurfa May 2015

-----Fixer in Antakya

Working on Syria issue in Sanliurfa March 2015, Sanliurfa. Japanese TBS TV

---Fixer in Antakya

Latest refugees situation in Turkey Fabruary 2015, Sanliurfa, Akcakale, Suruc (Kobani Border) VOA TV

---Fixer in Antakya

News about Japanese hostages kidnapped by ISIS. January 2015, Gaziantep, Kilis and Akcakale (Tall Abyad) boder. Japanese TBS TV

---Fixer in Hatay

Work I did in 2014

News stories and a documentary about Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Turkey Dec 2014, Diyarbakir, Mardin, Sirnak-Silopi, Sanliurfa-Suruc. Al Jazeera Balkan

----Fixer in Hatay

News from Kobani border Oct 2014, Suruc, Sanliurfa Fox news

----Fixer in Hatay

News from Kobani border Sep 2014, Suruc Sanliurfa SRF Swiss TV

----Fixer Antakya

ISIS captured Mosul June 2014 Erbil, Mosul, Iraqi Kurdistan Canada National Global news

----Fixer in Antakya

Several Stories from Turkey-Syrian border January, 2014, Kilis and Gaziantep Al Jazeera Balkan

---Fixer in Hatay

Work I did in 2013

Middle East Business Report December 2013, Turkey Syrian border Kilis and Gaziantep BBC World news

----Fixer in Hatay

Demonstrations in Nusaybin against wall built on the border November 2013, Nusaybin Ruptly news agency

----Fixer in Hatay

Ilegal Syrian immigrants to Europe May 2013, Istanbul, Gaziantep, Izmir BBC News night

---Fixer in Hatay

Several stories from Turkey-Syria boder May 2013, Japanese TV (Tokyo Broadcasting System)

---Fixer in Antakya

Göbeklitepe, the First Human being temple Sanlıurfa, April 2013, German WDR TV

---Fixer in Antakya

Syrian refugees in Gaziantep April 2013, ARTE Journal, ARTE TV

---Fixer in Ankara

US Patriots deployment in Turkey February 2013, Gaziantep Fox news

----Fixer in Antakya

German Patriots deployment in Kahramanmaras, Turkey Iskenderun, Gazianntep, Kahramanmaras, January 2013 German ARD TV

---Fixer in Antakya

Work I did 2012

----Fixer in Hatay

Separate list of the work I did at Syrian border in 2012

December 2012

-Australlian ABC TV Location: Kilis oncupinar, yayladagi, Rehyanli Hatay-Antakya

-GPD Dutch news agency Location: Sanliurfa, Suruc, Gaziantep, Hatay-Antakya, Samandagi

November 2102

-American PBS TV Location: Antakya Yayladagi, Reyhanli, Samandagi, Gaziantep, Ceylanpinar, Nusaybin, Madin -VOA Kilis, Gaziantep, Hatay Antakya, Ceylanpinar

October 2102

-VOA Location: Kilis, Gaziantep, Hatay Antakya, Ceylanpinar, Diyarbakir ARTE TV Kilis Oncupinar, Yayladagi, Reyhanli, Hatay-Antakya

-El mundo Spanish newspaper Location: Hatay Antakya, Samandagi

September 2012

-Washington Post Location:Hatay, Antakya

August 2012

-Danish Newspaper Kilis, oncupinar

-Swedish Radio Kilis Oncupinar, Syria Azzaz city

-CCTV Kilis, Gaziantep, Hatay Antakya, Ceylanpinar

-VOA Kilis, Gaziantep, Hatay Antakya, Ceylanpina

-Swedish TV, SVT Kilis, Gaziantep, Hatay Antakya

-Helsingin Sanomat newspaper Kilis, oncupinar

-Swedish Radio Kilis Oncupinar, Yayladagi, Reyhanli, Hatay-Antakya

-VOA Kilis, Gaziantep, Hatay Antakya, Yayladagi -El mundo Spanish newspaper Akcakale, Mursitpinar,Ceylanpinar, Nusaybin

-GPD Dutch news agency Kilis

June 2012

-Journalism students from Chicago Hatay, Antakya

-SVT Swedish Television Hatay Antakya, Yayladagi, Reyhanli, Altinozu

April 2012

-RT Television Hatay-Antakya, Yayladagi, Reyhanli, Altinozu

-Der Spiegel Hatay-Antakya

-SVT Swedish Television Hatay, Antakya

-Ansa med Italian news agency Hatay-Antakya, Yayladagi

March 2012

-Dutch Newspaper Trouw Hatay Antakya, Yayladagi

-VOA Kilis, Hatay Antakya, Yayladagi, Rehyanli, Altinozu

-GPD Dutch news agency Kilis, Hatay Antakya, Yayladagi, Rehyanli, Altinozu

-Indonesian TV one Television Hatay-Antakya, Yayladagi, Reyhanli, Altinozu

-The wall Street Journal Hatay-Antakya

-The Australian Newspaper Hatay-Antakya, Yayladagi

February 2012

-BBC International Hatay-Antakya, Yayladagi

-Timo Vogt, Photoghraper Hatay-Antakya, Yayladagi

-------- Fixer in Sanliurfa

Work I did in 2011

Syrian refugess in Hatay (Antakya) Date: December 2011 Location: Hatay (Antakya) Syrian Border Company: VOA TV

----- Fixer in Hatay

Syrian refugees in Hatay (Antakya) Date: September-October 2011 Location: Hatay (Antakya) Syrian Border Company:Swedish TV (SVT)

----Fixer in Turkey

Syrian refugees in Hatay Antakya) Date: June 2011 Location: Istanbul, Hayat (Antakya) Company: VOA TV

-----Fixer in Hatay