About me
I am a freelance journalist an have been
working as a freelance fixer for foreigner media
in Turkey since 1999. I can work as a  fixer,
researcher, coordinator, location manager and
translator. I also can do any kind of pre
production work need to be done before your
I am based in Istanbul but can work anywhere
Kurdish, English, Turkish, German, Persian
and some Arabic. I also can arrange camera
crew, equipment and transportation and can
help you to get filming permission.
If you are planning to film a documentary or a
news programme in Turkey and would like to
know more about filming in Turkey, please
don't hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to
write you back.
Memet Aksakal
Mobile Phone: +90 533 334 77 96
Experienced freelance fixer in Turkey for news stories and documentary films
Syrian refugees in Hatay, Antakya. October 2011
Turkey Syria border, Cilvegozu border gate. Working
for VOA, December 2011
Syrian refugees in Hatay, Antakya. June  2011
Syrian refugees camp in Hatay, Yayladagi
If you are planning to go to Syrian border for news about Syria and Syrian refugees,
and looking for someone to work with you, in Hatay, Kilis, Gaziantep, Sanliurfa or
anywhere else, I will be happy to give you info and working with you.

Mobile Phone: +90 533 334 77 96

Info about Hatay-Antakya

Hatay has border with Syrian provinces Idlib and Lattakia.
The name of Province is Hatay, the center of the province is  known as Antakya but
many people in Turkey call the city also Hatay. So Hatay and Antakya are the same
-There are several flights from Istanbul and Ankara to Hatay everyday.
Turkish airlines       
Anadolujet               www.anadolujet.com
Pegassus airlines  www.flypgs.com

There are 5 Syrian refugee camps in Hatay province.
2 camps in Yayladagi
2 camps Altinozu
Apaydin camp (Syrian high range military defectors stay at this camp)

As of March 2015, in total around 15.162 Syrian refugees are staying at 5 camps in
Hatay province.

Hotels in Hatay (Antakya)
Ottoman palace hotel
It is a spa hotel around 10 km away from the city

Grand Antakya Hotel
4 stars, good location

Narin Hotel
4 stars good location

Anemon Hotel
An business hotel not in the center of city

Savon Hotel
It is in the old part of the town, an old factory has been turned into hotel

Liwan Hotel
In city center, an old building turned into hotel

Anemon Hotel
Not in city center

Antik Beyazit Hotel
It is use to be an mension before made a hotel

Antik Grand Hotel
In city center

Mozaik hotel
In city center

Onur Hotel
In city center average low price

Orontes hotel
Average low budget hotel
I am normally based in Istanbul but since
June 2011 I am mostly working at
planning to come to the border area for
work, please don't hesitate to contact
me, I will be happy to give you any kind
of info and working with you.

Work I have done for American PBS around Syrian border in November 2012
As Kurds Fight for Freedom in Syria, Fears Rise in Turkey of Following Suit

Civil War Next Door: Syrian Conflict Tests Turkey

For Syrians Enduring the Harsh Conditions of War, Turkey Acts as Lifeline

Work I have done with Mr. Bobb Scott  around Syrian border for VOA in October
and November 2012

Syrian Refugees Resented by Some in Turkey

Turkey's Kurds Want More Freedoms, Autonomy

Work I Have done at Turkey Syrian border with Mr. Henry Ridgwell for VOA

Covert Smuggling Trail Arms Syrian Rebels, August 10, 2012

Kurdish Gains in Syria Rattle Turkey August 06, 2012

For Refugees Who Flee Aleppo, Turkish Camps Await August 03, 2012

Turkey Closes Syrian Border Posts as Fighting Draws Near July 25, 2012

Fighting Rages in Syria, Turkey Closes Key Crossings July 25, 2012

Turkey Appeals To Russia As Syrian Violence Spikes July 18, 2012

Syrian Rebels Claim Advances July 17, 2012

Syrian Refugees Watch Violence Unfold From Border Camp  July 16, 2012

Syrian Kurds Could Tip Scales of Syrian Conflict  March 28, 2012

Wounded Rebel Fighters Escape Syria for Treatment March 26, 2012

Border Traders Hit Hard by Syrian Sanctions, Violence  December 20, 2011

Turkish-Syrian Border Becomes Haven for Syrian Opposition December 18, 2011

Refugee Crisis Mounts in Turkey as Syrian Violence Escalates  June 11, 2011

Turkish Villagers Watch Syrian Crisis Unfold  June 10, 2011

Work I have done with Mr Henrt Ridgwell in Iraqi Kurdistan for VOA in October and  
November 2102

Religious Minorities Find Sanctuary in Kurdistan

Kurds Have New Hopes Amid Mideast Changes

Iraq's Kurdish Region Sees Economic Boom

Syrian Crisis Drives Kurdish Push for Independence

Links of some other work I have done at Turkey Syrian border in 2012
The Australian Newspaper March 2012
Turkey Syria border

Pictures by Timo Vogt February 2012
Kourine Village in Idlib February 22. 2012

Swedish TV, SVT Oct 2011
Syrain refugees in Hatay
Demonstrations in Nusaybin against wall built on the border
November 2013, Nusaybin Ruptly news agency
llegal Syrian immigrants to Europe
May 2013, Istanbul, Gaziantep, Izmir BBC News night
Several stories from Turkey-Syria boder
May 2013, Japanese TV (Tokyo Broadcasting System)
Syrian refugees in Gaziantep
April 2013, ARTE Journal, ARTE TV
US Patriots deployment in Turkey
February 2013, Gaziantep Fox news
German Patriots deployment in Kahramanmaras, Turkey
Iskenderun, Gazianntep, kahramanmaras, January 2013 German ARD TV
Syrian refugess in Hatay (Antakya)
Date: December 2011 Location: Hatay (Antakya) Syrian Border Company:  VOA  TV
Syrian refugees in Hatay (Antakya)
Date: September-October 2011 Location: Hatay (Antakya) Syrian Border Company:Swedish
Syrian refugees in Hatay (Antakya)
Date: June 2011 Location: Hayat (Antakya) Company: VOA TV
Australlian ABC TV              Kilis oncupinar, yayladagi, Rehyanli Hatay-Antakya
-GPD Dutch news agency  Sanliurfa, Suruc, Gaziantep, Hatay-Antakya, Samandagi

November 2102
American PBS TV  Antakya  Yayladagi, Reyhanli, Samandagi, Gaziantep, Ceylanpinar,
Nusaybin, Madin
-VOA                                                  Kilis, Gaziantep, Hatay Antakya, Ceylanpinar    
October 2102
-VOA                                                  Kilis, Gaziantep, Hatay Antakya, Ceylanpinar, Diyarbakir
ARTE TV                                            Kilis Oncupinar, Yayladagi, Reyhanli, Hatay-Antakya
-El mundo Spanish  newspaper    Hatay Antakya, Samandagi
September 2102
Washington Post                            Hatay, Antakya
August 2012      
-Danish Newspaper                        Kilis, oncupinar
Swedish Radio                               Kilis Oncupinar, Syria Azzaz city
-CCTV                                                Kilis, Gaziantep, Hatay Antakya, Ceylanpinar
-VOA                                                  Kilis, Gaziantep, Hatay Antakya, Ceylanpina                
-Swedish TV                                     Kilis, Gaziantep, Hatay Antakya                           
-Helsingin Sanomat newspaper    Kilis, oncupinar
-GPD Dutch news agency               Kilis oncupinar, yayladagi, Rehyanli Hatay-Antakya
-Swedish Radio                                Kilis Oncupinar, Yayladagi, Reyhanli, Hatay-Antakya
-VOA                                                  Kilis, Gaziantep, Hatay Antakya, Yayladagi
-El mundo Spanish  newspaper    Akcakale, Mursitpinar,Ceylanpinar, Nusaybin
-GPD Dutch news agency              Kilis
June 2012
-Journalism students from Chicago Hatay, Antakya
-SVT Swedish Television                    Hatay Antakya, Yayladagi, Reyhanli, Altinozu
April 2012
-RT Television                                      Hatay-Antakya, Yayladagi, Reyhanli, Altinozu
-Der Spiegel                                         Hatay-Antakya
-SVT Swedish Television                    Hatay, Antakya
-Ansa med Italian news agency         Hatay-Antakya, Yayladagi
March 2012
-Dutch Newspaper Trouw                   Hatay Antakya, Yayladagi
-VOA                                                       Kilis, Hatay Antakya, Yayladagi, Rehyanli,
-GPD Dutch news agency                    Kilis, Hatay Antakya, Yayladagi, Rehyanli, Altinozu
-Indonesian TV one Television           Hatay-Antakya, Yayladagi, Reyhanli, Altinozu
-The wall Street Journal                      Hatay-Antakya
-The Australian Newspaper                 Hatay-Antakya, Yayladagi
February 2012                            
-BBC International                                Hatay-Antakya, Yayladagi
-Timo Vogt, Photoghraper                   Hatay-Antakya, Yayladagi
January 2015, Gaziantep, Kilis and Akcakale (Tall Abyad) boder. Japanese TBS TV
Latest refugees situation in Turkey
February 2015, Sanliurfa, Suruc, (Kobani border) Akcakale  VOA TV
News stories and a documentary about Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Turkey
Dec 2014, Diyarbakir, Mardin, Sirnak-Silopi, Sanliurfa-Suruc. Al Jazeera Balkan
News from Kobani border
Oct 2014, Suruc, Sanliurfa  Fox news
News from Kobani border
Sep 2014, Suruc Sanliurfa  SRF Swiss TV
ISIS captured Mosul
June 2014 Erbil, Mosul, Iraqi Kurdistan Canada National Global news
Several Stories from Turkey-Syrian border
January, 2014, Kilis and Gaziantep Al Jazeera Balkan